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Hello, you are here because you want to learn about local SEO.

You want to increase your rankings on Google Maps and localized organic search.

If you’re not, may I suggest a hobby like woodworking or reading books about tall ships?


I have written everything I know about this subject from my 13+ years of doing so.

Why Very Good Local SEO?

I wanted to convey the quality of our work my knowledge without seeming flashy.
Ron Swanson Blake Denman.

How often do you come across “The Definitive Guide to x”, “The Ultimate Guide to x”, “A Comprehensive Guide to x”, or “The Advanced Guide to x” for anything in digital marketing?

Too often.

This ends now.

I have written a lot of content, you will find it useful.

Who am I?

I’m Blake Denman. I own and operate the local SEO agency, RicketyRoo.

That’s enough personal information about me.

Who is Ron Swanson?

Ron Swanson was a character on the TV show, Parks & Recreation.

He was a no-bullshit kind of guy that a strict code of ethics for his life.

He kept conversations short, appreciated privacy, and was a man of his word. You can learn everything about Ron Swanson in this video.

How to navigate Very Good Local SEO

There are 17 sections, each talking about its unique topic.

Simply click on the link to read it.

There’s a nifty sidebar handy on each page that links to its respective topic.